Make a Powerful Statement With Multimedia Settlement Brochures

Legal dramas on television often depict a passionate attorney delivering poignant closing arguments, winning over the jury through an articulate presentation that lasts all of about three minutes. While this makes for good television, only a small percentage of cases go to court. While attorneys absolutely need excellent oratory skills, many are putting the power of multimedia to good use in the settlement room.What are Multimedia Settlement Brochures?Multimedia settlement brochures are professionally produced presentations that present the story – and the evidence – of a legal case. They can include any combination of audio/visual elements including: music, voice-overs, sound effects, videos, photographs, animations, 3D graphics, and charts and graphs. A multimedia settlement brochure could present montages, “day in the life” videos, interviews with the claimant or defendant, witness testimonies, interviews with victims, expert analysis, clips from the press, accident footage, security camera video surveillance footage, re-enactments, police report excerpts, and more. In short, anything that contributes to the story of your case can be compiled into a multimedia settlement brochure.What does a Typical Multimedia Settlement Brochure Look Like?Multimedia settlement presentations are typically produced in a video format and delivered on DVD, though computer presentations such as PowerPoint are also produced. A common format for video settlement presentations involves shooting a short documentary, much like a 60 Minutes segment.Benefits of Using Multimedia Settlement BrochuresProfessionally produced multimedia and video settlement presentations can effectively tell a story; they can present a fresh perspective – even to opposing counsel. They can clearly demonstrate that you have the evidence to bring the case to a successful close; they can show that your client’s story can elicit a sympathetic response. Video settlement brochures can provide insurance adjusters and other parties involved in the case with a clearer picture of the case, its background, and the evidence. Because of the emotional impact, they can also lead to faster settlements and higher offers.Video and multimedia settlement brochures can also quickly and consistently tell the story of the case. For example, if you produced a ten minute long video settlement presentation, you would only need ten minutes to relay all of the facts and background involved in your case. Each time you presented this information, it would be presented in the same exact order, in the same exact manner. All parties involved would be basing their decisions on the same information. In addition, because it’s easy to share multimedia files, your video settlement brochure could easily be distributed to all key decision makers involved in the case.