Green Business Opportunities Growing For Home Based Entrepreneurs

A whole new genre of home-based business opportunities has opened up in the past few years—those that focus on green businesses.What is a green business? It’s any business that is environmentally friendly, that promotes sustainability, and that is committed to protecting the environment. It’s a catch-word that is gaining popularity, but hasn’t become so saturated that the general public is turned off by it. They’re still intrigued and interested about the idea of a business that helps protect the environment.That doesn’t mean your home business must focus on environmental activism. Going green simply means selling or supplying products that don’t harm the environment. One example of a green business is affiliate marketing that focuses on promoting green products.A wide variety of environmentally-friendly products are using affiliate programs to promote their products, giving home-based entrepreneurs a way to make money while doing something that protects our world. In fact, the Internet has directories of green companies looking for affiliates.Affiliate marketing is when you promote a business, product, or service on a website that is not directly related to that service or product. One example of this would be a gardening blog that contains ads for businesses that sell environmentally-safe lawn care products. Each time someone visits that blog or website and clicks on an ad, the person who owns that website gets a small commission.Green companies use affiliate marketing because it’s a cost effective way to advertise their products. In addition, they can find a target audience easily if they advertise on a website or blog that focuses on a green lifestyle. Affiliate marketing is a way for small start-up companies to advertise without breaking the bank because they only pay their affiliates when someone clicks on an ad.Multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing, is another way that green companies are distributing their products at a low cost. With network marketing, the company relies on a group of distributors who are paid a commission when they sell their product. The marketers also try to recruit others to distribute the green products and receive a commission when their recruits make a sale, as well.This way of marketing is far cheaper for new companies than traditional national distribution, which is why it is such a popular way for companies to sell their products. Several new businesses have started in the last years that giving new entrepreneurs an easy way to tap into this growing market. Typically, with network marketing start-up costs are minimal and the business owner’s biggest job is marketing the website that sells the green products.These companies give entrepreneurs a win-win situation in which they are making money while helping to save the planet.